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Welcome to BoxBrownie.com; the online hub for all things digital. BoxBrownie.com offers a wide range of services to everyone from real estate agents to developers, professional photographers to amateurs and online retailers who want to showcase their products with professional photos.

BoxBrownie.com is based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia but we have a large team of experts around the world, which means BoxBrownie.com can offer a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround.

Thanks to our team of photo editing experts, BoxBrownie.com can offer a range of retouching services such as removing the background from an image, item removal and photo enhancement to give your photos that professional look. Our CGI rendering is perfect for clearly demonstrating conceptual product ideas or stand out from the crowd and create slick images for your online retail store.

Real estate agents can enjoy a range of services dedicated to their needs from a selection of floorplans to development site plans, CGI renders and photo enhancement options including turning external property photos from day to dusk, adding virtual furniture to rooms and removing unwanted clutter. Our copywriting service can also help agents get back to what they do best by supplying unique copy dedicated to their listing within 24 hours.

BoxBrownie.com is fast, reliable and affordable convenience to help you achieve professional photos in no time at all. Our system is easy to use and with our 24-hour guarantee, top-quality edited photos are within reach.


Brad Filliponi


With more than 15 years experience as a professional real estate photographer, Brad has a deep understanding of what it takes to showcase a home in its best light.

Brad obtained his REIQ real estate sales agent license while young and saw a gap in the market back when he was running customer service for a prestige real estate office, specialising in multi-million-dollar deep waterfront property. Spending over a decade photographing homes all day and editing them all night, Brad decided to create the world’s greatest photo editing website with an editing menu, for everyone from professional photographers to property managers.

After the two prototype websites were developed, BoxBrownie.com was re-born and now offers an extensive menu of photo editing options for the real estate market as well as online retailers and developers.

When he’s not training Muay Thai, Brad can be found racing around in fast cars, riding his custom chopper or hanging with his family.

Mel Myers


Mel was Australia’s youngest university student, starting study at the age of 12 in statistics, computer programming, and discrete mathematics. Since the age of 17 he has owned and run a number of successful business in the technology sector. Over this period he has created a number of impressive applications including a search engine (1995), an online driven manufacturing facility, accounting systems, and a warehouse management system. In addition to his online portfolio, he has several years experience in corporate governance, financial modelling, and above and below the line marketing.

Mel brings a wealth of technology experience and vision to BoxBrownie.com and is responsible for the evolution of the online platform.

BoxBrownie.com is a high volume, low margin business and is driven by a technology stack that is highly automated. The direct benefit to customers is a combination of high quality work, low prices, and fast turnaround time.




Q1: First photo editing website was born. Files from clients were sent to and from using Dropbox with everything managed manually.

Q2: Business needed a catchy name and was rebranded to BoxBrownie.com. It was identified that the business wasn’t scalable so development started on an online system and new website.

Q3: The second website, now branded BoxBrownie.com, is launched!

Q4: The new website system wasn’t as scalable as planned. The decision was made to bring Mel Myers into the business and start a brand new system and website from scratch (again).



Q2: New website and system launched with a focus on scalability. Traditional marketing including door knocking, phone calls, etc continues.

Q3: BoxBrownie.com reaches 150 customers. Online marketing commences to grow business outside of local contacts and word of mouth.



Q3: BoxBrownie.com reaches 2,500 customers. As cash flow increases it is used to accelerate web development and marketing.

Q3: Soft launches in the US and UK. A new front-end website is launched with multi-currency functionality and an improved look and feel.

Q4: Test marketing campaigns in the US, UK, and Canadian markets. Determined that the US market had the best return on investment so this becomes the new focus.



Q1: Marketing spend increased with a focus on the US market. Official release of the CGI render product targeting new property developments.

Q2: BoxBrownie.com reaches 10,000 customers.

Q3: The BoxBrownie.com team flies to the US for the first time and exhibits at its first US conference.

Q4: Customer service continues to grow and becomes 24/7 across phone, live chat, and email.



Q1: BoxBrownie.com reaches 20,000 customers. US conferences are attended regularly and BoxBrownie.com releases the world’s first 360° virtual staging offering.

Q2: One of only 8 companies accepted into the prestigious NAR REach program, gaining exposure to NAR’s 1.3 million realtors in the US and around the world.

Q3: Innovation continues with the launch of the world’s first virtual renovation service. BoxBrownie.com is completely rebranded with a move to a sharp red and black look.



Q1: Release of our developer API, allowing customers to programmatically submit and receive jobs at volume.

Q2: BoxBrownie.com reaches 50,000 customers and the commercial real estate vertical is released. The website and customer service teams go multilingual with launches in Japanese and Spanish.

Q4: BoxBrownie.com reaches paying customers in 82 countries. Expansion into Asia continues with Korean the fourth language to launch.



Q1: Due to growing demand, render product offerings are expanded and enhanced.

Q2: Due to increased demand for virtual tours after COVID-19, new products 360° virtual tours and 360° render tours are released. BoxBrownie.com releases product offerings and customer service in Portuguese.

Q4: Growth continues, now reaching paying customers in 102 countries. French becomes the sixth language for BoxBrownie.com.