• Commercial Item Removal – before and after



    3 or more items US$8.00
  • Commercial Item Removal – before and after



    3 or more items US$8.00

Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Commercial Photos

Prepare for Virtual Staging

Empty a room to help clients visualize how they can use the space.

Thought you had the Perfect Shot?

Remove that object in your hero shot that you wish wasn’t there.

Homes with more Photos Sell Faster?

Don’t let any photos go to waste by removing any unwanted items in your commercial listing.

Higher Quality Sells for more

Commercial listings sell for more when including high quality uncluttered photography.



Commercial 1 or 2 small items

1 or 2 Small Items US$4.00

Remove those small less than ideal items from your commercial images. Small items may include pot plants, a garbage bin, air conditioner, electrical cords, “For Sale” signs, light fixtures and wall art/paintings.



Commercial 3 or more Items

3 or More Items US$8.00

Don’t waste time by trying to move objects from the room just to take images. Our editors can easily remove desk chairs, cabinets and desks for you.



Commercial 3 or more Items

3 or More Items US$8.00

Some items cannot be moved to take that hero shot such as skip bins or parked cars located out the front. But don’t worry, we can remove all these unwanted objects and leave you with a professional hero image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get my photos in 24 hours?

We have a global team of gurus working 24 hours, 7 days a week to deliver your photos on time.

What if I want to change something?

Easy! If you would like anything changed, we offer 100% satisfaction and will rework your images ready for marketing/your listing.

Can I pay by direct debit or bank transfer?

We offer online credit card facilities that are safe and secure, no information is stored on our website and you can add as little or as much credit to your account as you like.

I currently have 30 listings and am looking at putting all of them through Box Brownie, Do you offer volume discounts?

Sorry, no discounts are available. We offer the same great-value pricing to all customers regardless of volume.

How long do you store my photos for?

We keep your edited photos for at least 24 months. We may remove your original unedited photos after a much shorter period of time. We also encourage you to save your photos on your own computer.

What’s The Difference Between Small And Large Items?

Small items include:

  • Pot plants, garbage bins
  • Ottoman, side table, air conditioner
  • Office items/accessories, electrical cords
  • Fridge magnets, kitchen items/accessories
  • “For Sale” signs
  • Bedside tables, lamps, lights fixtures
  • Paintings, TV

Large items (which fall under the “3 or more item” category) include:

  • Rugs
  • Dining tables or chairs; office desk or office chair
  • Cars

Is My Job Suitable For Item Removal?

Some images present a high degree of difficulty, for example, large items in front yards like boats or trees, or rooms that are filled with items where no walls are visible. These kinds of jobs require a Virtual Renovation. If you have a project like this, please use the Virtual Renovation section in your dashboard to submit a job. If you are unsure, please contact customer service.

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