Bring a development to life with a detailed Development Site Plan

Increase Buyer Interest

Buyers want to see the layout of their new street, to visualize the position of their land, how close neighbors are and how their home will fit on the block.

Generate More Leads

Development plans are an essential tool for generating interest in a new housing development.

Increase Time Spent on Your Listing

Providing more information with your listing will encourage more people to view it.

Assist With Development Approval

Make it clear how the development will look and what changes will take place. Enabling faster local/country government authorization.

48 Hours

1 to 6 lots

1 to 6 lots US$30

Clearly show detailed features of a select few properties within a development. Perfect for a small property subdivision, with the ability to display structure outlines and key elements within each property.

48 Hours

7 to 15 Lots

7 to 15 Lots US$40

Perfect for larger developments, displaying road layouts, and key amenities. Providing a visual guide to the placement of lots.

48 Hours

16 to 35 Lots

16 to 35 Lots US$50

Include topography features, property lines, streets and amenities. Great for a holistic view of a few streets and the location of a property.

48 Hours

36 to 55 Lots

36 to 55 Lots US$70

Help buyers to clearly see lot sizes and their placement in relation to landscape elements.

48 Hours

56 to 100 Lots

56 to 100 Lots US$100

Great for urban planners to get the bigger picture of what a new development looks like.

48 Hours

101 to 150 Lots

101 to 150 Lots US$130

Take the confusion out of site plans and let the team at Box Brownie create easy to understand and easy to use site plans that will clearly demonstrate the site’s potential.

48 Hours

151 to 200 Lots

151 to 200 Lots US$160

Perfect for marketing staged land releases within a larger development. Focused lot plans can create a clearer picture of a specific area within an overall development.

48 Hours

200+ Lots

200+ Lots US$200

Can be used for development marketing or council approval. Clearly display the topography and layout of a whole suburb with a clear and professional development site plan, created within 48 hours.

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  • John Ryland

    Great result. Quick service, great value and a good looking color floor plan. I’ll be doing it for more of my listings.

    –John Ryland, Professionals Cairns South

  • is fantastic, the floor plans came back amazing and I am sure they will be a great aid in helping the sale of the property. Such an easy service to use and I will definitely be putting this service to our agents.

    –Aimee Berridge, Next Property Group

  • Kerri Johnston

    This concept is great and we will use it whenever we can, particularly with floor plans. The majority of our sellers have floor plans but they are always either drawn all over or just too busy. Simplfying them in excellent. Thanks for being so quick.

    –Kerri Johnston, The Next Property Group

  • Indiana Voss

    I was really happy wiht the floor plan and photo – they were both really good, everyone is our office was very impressed!

    –Indiana Voss, Blue Moon Propery

  • Scott Wenham

    Great service and turn around on my floor plan re-draw – very stoked with the service definitely will use you again.

    –Scott Wenham, Ray White

  • Scott Wenham

    Just stopped in the office and uploaded the floor plan, it looks great and no comparison to my stick drawing. You should be very pleased with your team and your product.

    –Ray Dillon, Professionals Edge Hill

  • Extremely happy with the job done. Our photos turned out great, loved the floor plan and best of all was done FAST!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a development site plan and a single lot site plan?

Our development site plans are any plans that represent a subdivision greater than two lots/plots. A site plan is anything that is one or two lots only.

What is shown on a development site plan?

Below is a list of elements that are generally included in a Development Site Plan. You can let us know what you want included and we will get it done for you.

  • Property boundaries
  • Roads
  • Walking/bike paths
  • Building or structure locations (outline only)
  • parklands/recreation areas
  • Setbacks
  • Sewage, Electrical, water etc
  • Waterways
  • Measurements
  • Lot numbers
  • Key topography elements

What additional elements can we include?

Personalise your Development Site Plans with key elements that relate to your company or development, such as:

  • Company logos
  • Address
  • Information Key
  • Disclaimers
  • Labels
  • Any text relevant to the development, such as lot numbers and sold markers

What if I want to change something? offers a redraw service and promise to make as many changes as needed to get your development site plan looking 100% as per the original plan provided. Please note that if you require design changes to your development site plan, additional charges will apply.

What do you require to produce a Development Site Plan?

We can draw your Development Site Plan from nearly anything. Provide us with hand drawings, marked up Google images, or black and white council plans.

We can create plans from anything as long as we have clear boundaries defined.

How long do you store my photos for?

We keep your edited photos for at least 24 months. We may remove your original unedited photos after a much shorter period of time. We also encourage you to save your photos on your own computer.

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