Day to Dusk Photo Editing

Get a Hero Shot

Let our team take your photo of a home’s exterior from drab to fab with the click of a few buttons and let your listing stand out with a beautiful dusk hero shot.

Attract Buyers

Homes presented at dusk are beautiful, romantic and eye-catching. Attract more buyers with a stunning photo of your listing at dusk and show just how beautiful the home can be.

Save the Hassle of Capturing the Perfect Sunset

Booking a photographer to capture the exact moment the setting sun looks stunning can be difficult, especially if that day’s sunset is unremarkable. Take the hassle out of capturing the photo and let us edit it for you.

Stand Out from the Competition

Turning a photo from day to dusk will not only enhance your listing but will help it stand out from the crowd. An eye-catching sunset will draw everyone’s attention.

Our US$5, 7 Step Day to Dusk Process

In addition to improving the overall look of your image with our 16 step image enhancement process, the editors at will also use advanced editing techniques to replace your daytime sky with beautiful dusk or sunset colors, turn on lighting, and use advanced white balancing techniques to give the overall image a consistent and realistic look, making your listing stand out from the rest.

01.Outdoor Dusk Sky Replacement

02.Brightness & Contrast Adjustment

03.Turn on Lighting

04.Vertical & Horizontal Straightening

05.Remove Minor Blemishes

06.Adding Fire to Fireplaces

07.HDR Processing



Day to Dusk – before and after

Outdoor Dusk Sky Replacement

Dusk is a beautiful time of the day but is notoriously hard to photograph, especially for an amateur. Our team of editing professionals will take your property photo from day to dusk with advanced editing techniques. We can turn any daytime or gloomy sky into a breathtaking sunset to really make your listing stand out from the rest.



Day to Dusk – before and after

Brightness & Contrast Adjustment

Draw attention to your photos by adjusting the contrast and brightness to produce a top-quality finish. When transforming a photo from day to dusk, getting these edits just right can really set the mood.



Day to Dusk – before and after

Turn On Lighting Internal/External Lighting

Whether it is interior or exterior lighting, pool or garden lights, turning on the lighting in a property photo will create a warm and welcoming feeling.



Day to Dusk – before and after

Vertical & Horizontal Straightening

Incorrect vertical lines can make an image look distorted, just like an uneven horizon can ruin a photo. Our team of editors can rectify these issues.



Day to Dusk – before and after

Remove Minor Blemishes

Minor blemishes such as dust spots or a scratched lens can really impact a photo. Removing these imperfections brings your photo one step closer to a top-quality professional standard.



Day to Dusk – before and after

Adding Fire to Fireplaces

Warm and inviting homes attract buyers. By adding fire to a fireplace, you can show buyers just how comfortable the living space can be.



Day to Dusk – before and after

HDR Processing

HDR processing will add more depth to your photo, creating an image more like what your eyes witness than what the camera captures. This technique will add a real-life quality to your real estate photography. For experienced photographers only.

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What Our Users Say

  • Love your work. Definitely will be using your services. Thank you.

    –Creagh Ferdinands, Harcourts Alliance

  • Ryan Daykin

    Just wanted to send a quick bit of feedback your way – so happy with how our photos are coming out. We’re very happy with the daytime improvements of them, but the day to dusk shots are just a whole other level of awesome – they just look so real and professional – we’re absolutely stoked with them, so just wanted to give you a bit of feedback about it… Your teams editing skills have certainly boosted the quality of our presentations beyond our expectations.

    –Ryan Daykin, Mansfield Real Estate

  • The photo is great it’s exatly what i wanted out of my image, ill be sending through about 18 images (give or take) on average a day Mon–Fri.


  • Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic work you did on my first project. I will certainly be using you again and will recommend your services. Very impressed thank you!


  • When I first submitted my photos I was pleased with the finished product. I did however need a couple of photos re edited. I let you guys know what I needed done and if that was even possible. It turned out to be possible and I’m very happy with my photos! Thank you so much and I WILL be using Box Brownie again!

    –Leonard Holton, Keller Williams Fort Lauderdale

  • I have tried your service and found it to be great, easy to use, timely response, fantastic value and a great end result.

    –Wayne White, LJ Hooker

  • Wayne White

    I'm so excited! Next trial will be the virtual furniture!

    –Lauren McNally, Real Estate Photography

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get my photos in 24 hours?

We have a global team of gurus working 24 hours, 7 days a week to deliver your photos on time.

What if I want to change something?

Easy! If you would like anything changed, we offer 100% satisfaction and will rework your images ready for marketing/your listing.

Can I pay by direct debit or bank transfer?

We only accept payment by credit card – Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Sorry, there are no volume discounts available. We operate on high volume and low margins and offer the same low price to all customers.

How long do you store my photos for?

We keep your edited photos for at least 24 months. We may remove your original unedited photos after a much shorter period of time. We also encourage you to save your photos on your own computer.

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