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Our experts can replace any sky with a stunning dusk sky, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of shooting with the perfect sunset.


With only a few seconds to get a potential buyer’s attention, you want to make sure it is a magazine ready image.


Take your exterior hero shot to the next level with a click of a few buttons and let your listing be showcased with a beautiful dusk hero shot.


Standout from your competition by letting our professional photo editors transform your prime image.


Our photo retouching service will take your exterior commercial property photo from drab to fab by adding a beautiful dusk sky. We will also complete our Image Enhancement service on top of the Day To Dusk process to ensure your listing stands out from the crowd.

  1. Dusk Sky Replacement
  2. Turn on Lighting
  3. White Balancing
  4. Image Sharpening
  5. Vertical & Horizontal Straightening
  6. Remove Minor Blemishes
  7. Lens Distortion Removal
  8. Brightness & Contrast Adjustment
  9. Lawn Enhancement – Repair or Replace
  10. Ocean/River Water Enhancement
  11. Remove Pool Cleaners from Water
  12. Tone Adjustment
  13. TV Screen Replacement
  14. Dust Spot Removal
  15. Flash Reflection Removal
  16. Add Fire to Fireplaces
  17. HDR Bracketing with Indoor Window Replacement
  18. Remove Photographer’s Reflection




Commercial Day to Dusk – before and after


Don’t miss out on potential buyers by waiting until the weather is just right to take those images of the property. Our team of professionals will use advanced editing techniques to transform any daytime or gloomy sky into a stunning dusk sky.




Commercial Day to Dusk – before and after


Draw attention to your photos by adjusting the contrast and brightness to produce a top-quality finish. With correct adjustments, it can really create an inviting feeling to your property.




Commercial Day to Dusk – before and after


Make your commercial property look welcoming to potential buyers by turning on lighting both interior and exterior.




Commercial Day to Dusk – before and after


Our team of experts will straighten any uneven vertical or horizontal lines to produce a high-quality edited dusk image.




Commercial Day to Dusk – before and after


Removing those small blemishes, spots and dots will only make your commercial listing more appealing.




Commercial Day to Dusk – before and after


By combining all your bracketed images into one, we will create a flawless photo that is more what your eyes see than what the camera captures. This real-life quality will attract those potential buyers.

*For experienced photographers only.




BoxBrownie.com is trusted & relied on by leading companies worldwide.

NAR 2018
Keller Williams
Century 21
Caldwell Banker
Realty One Group
Sotheby's International Realty
Leading Real Estate
Knight Frank


Nan Flock / 14 Jul 2019

I was "introduced" to BoxBrownie by a coworker. After reading and reviewing their services, I thought I’d try them out. After all what did I have to lose? I sent in my first exterior house photo to see what the Day to Dusk feature would do... and wow I was thrilled to see (and use) the effects. Their fair pricing is also a big consideration for me. This will be a great asset to my northern Va NanAndCompany Real Estate business. I highly recommend BoxBrownie to anyone who has or wants to improve their photographs. I now cant wait to try out other options to further impress my Clients. Thank you BoxBrownie... looking forward to working with you, Nan

Cherie Fox / 14 Jul 2019

This is the second time I have used Box Brownie to adjust images for a client. The first time I turned a boring day image to dusk and was so impressed with the small changes that happened so fast ! The second time the client supplied the builders floor plan and Box Brownie completed done within the day and the changes requested were completed very soon after. Both my clients and myself are very impressed with the quality and turnaround. Would definitely use again without hesitation! 5 STARS! Cherie Fox - Fox Real Estate (Melbourne)

Ali Corbett / 14 Jul 2019

I have been very happy with Box Brownie’s editing services. I have been using them for Day to Dusk services for my real estate photos as well as a few personal projects. I love how I can pick the sky when I place my order. They are also pretty quick to return finished images back to me. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Michael Kearns / 14 Jul 2019

Quick turnaround, great service, and low prices. BoxBrownie can create a "dusk" photo of a home from a daytime photo, all for a few dollars. Much better than having the photographer come back for a second shoot (at a much higher cost)!

Ross Teitelbaum / 14 Apr 2020

This is the best virtual staging out there. So many choices and easy to use!

Enid Davis / 01 Jul 2020

I just made my first order. I sent it in at 4:21 and received it back at 5:29. This service is fast, efficient and the result was spot on!

Roger Loughan / 01 Jul 2020

Fantastic experience. First time users and it was easy to navigate a completely on-line order. Order received within 24 hours! Amazing. Totally intuitive to use. All needs are prompted and easy to navigate. Even changes were completed within hours. Very happy.

Steve Washington / 14 Apr 2020

BoxBrownie’s artist(s) did a great job with my virtual staging project. And the interface is user friendly. Moreover, it allows the client to be as general or as concept specific as the project demands with text fields for the client to add details and an option to upload concept sketches. Very cool. And the affordability makes it very competitive with actual staging, of course, but also with other virtual staging services. The value relative to quality, flexibility, ease of use is the big selling point for me. Great job, BoxBrownie.

Elaine Seal / 14 Nov 2019

I use Box Brownie to create all my floor plans, their website is easy to use, cost is reasonable and their team produces the final product quickly and always look professional. Saves me hours of trying create them myself.

Jason Frenn / 01 Jul 2020

The result of my experience with Boxbrownie was a wonderful set of real estate pictures. The photos turned out incredible. My recommendation is that if you have more than seven photographs, give them an extra 48 hours on top of the normal time allotment. Good products take time to produce.

Dolf Beil / 14 Jul 2019

This house was abandoned by the contractor and the exterior was left to weather for a long time. Pictures taken on a dreary afternoon in winter showed no sky and a dirt lawn. As a new user, I chatted with a very helpful person at BoxBrownie who helped me through the process. Understanding options and their cost took a while because I wanted to get it right on the first try. I decided to go with just the basic enhancement and add more options later. The finished product was delivered in hours and was perfect. In this situation I don’t want or need anything else. Looking back, it was a very easy process and I could have been done in minutes. The obvious care taken by my chat partner gave me a good feeling about the company and its product. I am now aware of the other options offered and will certainly use them on other listings as appropriate.

Laura Hall / 14 Jan 2020

I wanted to congratulate you on a marvelous virtual staging job! My boss is very pleased with the results. Money well spent! Your quick turn-around time is very appreciated, and I love the extra details you added to "bring it all together." For example, the photo of the dining room also showed flowers and the TV in the Family Room and in the photo of the Family Room, you also took the time to stage the Dinette. Very well done; thank you!!

Brian Teyssier / 14 Jun 2020

Been using these guys for over a year now. Started as soon as I learned of them & haven’t looked back. I have images that local professional photographers took sent to BB for the dusk shots. This has set me apart from other local Realtors. I have pix for low priced homes that I take with my Samsung phone & a clip on wide angle lens that I send to them (images distorted) & they still virtually stage for me. I have blown local developers away with their virtual staging. very quick turn around time too. If you are not in my Pittsburgh market, these guys are gamechanges. If you are my competition, they are horrible! LOL

Phoebe Chiang / 14 Jul 2019

Heard about Box Brownie at the CRS sellabrathon event earlier this year. Super pleased with the array of services, customer support, quick communications, turnaround, and most importantly, the price is so reasonable and very helpful to us agents who already have professional photos taken but need a little more. I had 2 professionally taken set of photos but still needed some work done (change gloomy sky to blue sky, made grass more consistently green, virtual twilight, and virtually stage one bedroom including removal of a bed in the photo.....this was beautifully done) Thank you Box Brownie!!! Please continue to excellent work and customer service and please don’t change your pricing either! I will highly recommend your services to my colleagues!

Peggy Kadow / 14 Jul 2019

I thought I would give Box Brownie a try with three of my pictures, particularly two outside shots taken on an overcast day. I was very pleased when I received the pictures back with beautiful sky and green grass, not otherwise visible. The pictures showed much brighter, corners were made brighter. Just shows my listing in a much better light. Thank You Box Brownie.

Matt Brown / 14 Jul 2019

BoxBrownie has become a staple in my real estate business in Atlanta, Georgia. The customer service has been wonderful and the enhanced photos have helped attract buyers. Whether it fixing the cloudy sky to a sunny day, changing a daytime shot to look like a dusk shot or virtuality staging a vacant listing, I count on BoxBrownie to help me get my clients homes sold!

Wendy Barnard / 14 Mar 2020

I needed a floor plan redrawn. Box Brownie were very quick and I had to make several changes along the way. They did the changes quickly and it didn’t even cost me any more. I would highly recommend them for your next project. Thank you Box Brownie team.

Jill Hartke / 14 Jul 2019

As a Realtor I am always looking for ways to stand out with my clients, I came across BoxBrownie and decided to give them a try. I absolutely love the work they do, they are prompt and the work is lovely. I have had them virtually stage 3 of my listings so far and my clients have been so pleased. You are not having to pay big bucks for the rental of staging furniture and don’t have to worry about walls getting nicked when the furniture gets removed. It is a great way for potential buyers to see the possibilities of a room. I have also used the service where they remove items, had a bunch of junk in a great room, again amazing! The dusk to dawn photos are so realistic. I recommend BoxBrownie to all my Realtor colleagues. Keep up the amazing work

Sven Robertson / 14 Jul 2020

I am impressed. Faster and much cheaper than the previous service I have used for floor plan redraws. The virtual staging looks good and is much cheaper than others I have seen also. You guys are my “find of the week”.

Hannah Nagowski / Mar 2022

The discovery of Box Brownie has been wonderful for our company! The turnaround time on Image Enhancements, as well as their customer service -- is impeccable! We are beyond happy with our results, and can not wait to continue to use Box Brownie!

Calogero D’Anna / 14 Jul 2019

Box Brownie is an excellent service that has really elevated my business. The renderings and floor plans are a great addition to my clients building portfolio. Great service with a quick turnaround and very competitive pricing. My team and I are very happy with with the service and products and will continue to use.

Jean O’Gallagher / 01 Jul 2020

BoxBrownie is awesome! I highly recommend them. As a real estate agent, the service they provide has been a vital part of my business. Excellent customer service, superb quality of work and unbeatable prices! Thank you, BoxBrownie!!!

Stine Schoening / 14 Apr 2020

Really happy with the turn around time and the quality of the virtual staging. Price was fair compared to other companies. Would use again or recommend to colleagues.

Jane Lavelle / 14 Mar 2020

I’m a Realtor and I’m Very pleased with the photo edit they did . I sent them a picture taken of the exterior house on a grey winter day. Box Brownie transformed it with a bluer sky and greened up the grass on the front lawn. It made a huge difference that will enhance my post card mail marketing of this property now. Thanks Box Brownie! Ill be calling you again!

Brittany Smith / 14 Jul 2019

Absolutely amazing. I needed my floor plan edited from the original builders one I had. The real estate agent was going to charge me $129 to do this. I was recommended by a friend who works in real estate and said go through box brownie. Well...my mind was blown at how quickly and perfectly my plan came back. Now I can sell my house and give people an idea of my layout. Thanks so much!

Bruce Johnston / 14 Oct 2019

The turn around on the project was extremely fast. The sellers liked the floor plan as well. This will help buyers to get a better idea of the layout of the home instead of guessing where everything is located at. BoxBrownie offers a great service and is extremely affordable. I wished that I had known about them sooner. I’ll be using them again for sure. Thank you BoxBrownie Team!

Sergio Lopez / Apr 2022

Box Brownie's speed, quality and price is categorically unmatched in the world. We are beyond satisfied with the results and their personalized around the clock customer service.Their energy, passion and enthusiasm is highly contagious. A true pleasure to do business with.

Zoe M / 01 Jul 2020

BoxBrownie came highly recommend by a realtor friend of mine. I decided to order a twilight image change to three of my existing photos for an upcoming listing. The photos were completed and back within an hour and were great quality. I am impressed.

Mike Stott / 14 Jul 2019

I had some good pictures with brown grass (winter here in Atlanta) – submitted a trial order to BoxBrownie to make the grass green – the 8 pictures were returned within 3 hours and look terrific. My seller is ecstatic and I will definitely be using Boxbrownie in the future!

Kathy Byerly / 14 Jul 2019

Not only do the enhanced photos look beautiful, they add value to the property and catch potential buyer’s interest. While I do use professional photographers to take the photos, Box Brownie warms them up so the homes look even more inviting....in record time! My most recent requests were updated in the same day! No waiting! I even have one client who is turning the enhanced photo of their new home into an oil painting. It’s that beautiful! Thank you, Box Brownie, for your great work!

Emily Sinclair / 14 Feb 2020

Amazing virtual staging results and record breaking turn around time! This is my first time using BoxBrownie but it certainly won’t be my last! I submitted my professional photos to them asking for the virtual staging to be Scandinavian style, and boy did they deliver! I’ve seen some other virtual staging in the past that looked cheesy and unrealistic. But BoxBrownie’s virtual staging is SO realistic I’m almost worried people will think the property comes with the cool furniture. Thank you so much for the lighting fast turn around! Can’t wait to come back for more!

Tim Gerds / Feb 2022

As a real estate photographer and photo editor, sometimes I get overwhelmed with requests from my clients. Box Brownie always comes through in a pinch and they always come through! Stellar work all the time and such great prices! I cannot love this company enough!

Mary Hager / 14 Jun 2020

First time using their services and it definitely won’t be the last time. I was thoroughly amazed. with the virtual staging and day to dusk photos. They understood the concept I was trying to achieve and nailed it. Couldn’t be happier with the team and the results! Virtual staging is an important aspect of my real estate business. Looking forward to utilizing their services in the future.

Inna / 14 Jul 2020

BoxBrownie produces professional quality work and the upload interface is very easy to work with. I love that I can describe what I’m looking for without specifying every piece of furniture that I want, and the editor knows what to do, to achieve the desired result. Will be using them again.

Mark Salmon / 14 Apr 2020

BoxBrownie is an excellent resource for virtual staging -- they were timely with the job and did an incredible job with the selection of furnishings and layout. I highly recommend them!

The Lketchka Group / 01 Jul 2020

I have almost always used staging for vacant homes and due to the cost, decided to try BoxBrownie. All I can say is WOW! They did such an amazing job! The staging looks gorgeous and I really love how they offer design style choices for the decor. The photos are just beautiful and I look forward to doing business with them in the future. Well done BoxBrownie!

Mandy Wachtler / Jan 2022

Virtually staged a vacant home that I had on the market for 6 months. Brought it back to the market after a BoxBrownie.com session and it sold in one day! I will never list a property again without them!!

Brian Teyssier / 14 Jul 2019

Been using these guys for over a year now. Started as soon as I learned of them & haven’t looked back. I have images that local professional photographers took sent to BB for the dusk shots. This has set me apart from other local Realtors. I have pix for low priced homes that I take with my Samsung phone & a clip on wide angle lens that I send to them (images distorted) & they still virtually stage for me. I have blown local developers away with their virtual staging. very quick turn around time too. If you are not in my Pittsburgh market, these guys are gamechanges. If you are my competition, they are horrible! LOL

Rosemary Sheppard / 14 Jul 2019

The product BoxBrownie produced was awesome! I literally penciled a rough estimate of a floor plan and they made it look professional! The turnaround time was phenomenal and due to my inability to draw very well, I had to make a couple of changes and they were done and back to me in no time! Can’t say enough positive things about the experience! All for a small amount of money and time! Can’t wait to try their other products! Thank you BoxBrownie!

Lileen L Dunn / 01 Jul 2020

I couldn’t be more pleased with Box Brownie and their products. What a great name to go with their great service. I was pressed for time and needed my new listing to be virtually staged. I had it all done at 3am, meaning picked all the preferences, like, style, enhancements etc... the project was completed in record time, Thx Box Brownie, you’ll see me again! WOW!


We have a global team of gurus working 24 hours, 7 days a week to deliver your photos on time.

We have a 100% satisfaction promise in our Unlimited Change Guarantee. We promise to make as many changes as needed within 2 months of the original job, to get your photos looking 100%.

We only accept payment by credit card – Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Sorry, there are no volume discounts available. We operate on high volume and low margins and offer the same low price to all customers.

We keep your edited photos for at least 24 months. We may remove your original unedited photos after a much shorter period of time. We also encourage you to save your photos on your own computer.

You will need to use our Group Images function in the submission process. To help with the submission process, watch the video tutorial.


Image Enhancement


Present your commercial property with high quality professional photos.


Virtual Furniture


Our team of professional editors can add furniture to an empty commercial listing to show just how versatile the space can be.


Day to Dusk


Showcase the exterior by adding a beautiful dusk sky and take it from drab to fab.


Item Removal


Have our experts remove any unwanted objects like parked cars and skip bins from your image.

From: US$5

Floor Plan Redraws


Select from our wide range of 2D and 3D redraw options to show potential buyers the layout and size of your listing.

From: US$30



Demonstrate the potential of your commercial floor plan and show clients what the finished product can look like.

From: US$350

Custom Jobs


Do you need something specific done that isn’t listed in our range of services? Get in touch and we can provide you with a quote for your custom job.

360° Image Enhancement


Our professional experts can retouch your image leaving you with a top-notch professional 360° photo.


360° Degree Virtual Staging


Take your 360° to the next level by adding furniture to an otherwise bare space.


Virtual Renovations


Show the potential of an outdated commercial space to potential buyers.

From: US$0

Development Site Plans


Ideal for showcasing undeveloped sites to potential buyers.

From: US$30

Aerial Editing


Provide buyers with a clear picture of the property with location pointers and stand out from the competition.

From: US$3