Why include a Render with your next listing?

Bring Your Plan to Life

Bring that floor plan to life by showcasing how the finished product will look.

Sell Quicker

Sell your listing quicker with the addition of realistic visual imagery.

Save Time

Save time and money by demonstrating the product to prospective buyers.

Increase Buyer Interest

Gain more buyer interest by have a beautiful visual image of the finished product.

Commercial Single Storey Render

Exterior Render From: US$750

We can create a beautiful render of your commercial listing to compliment your floor plan. With a hero exterior image, you can give your potential buyers visualization of the street appeal.

Commercial Interior Render

Interior Render From: US$750

Our team of professional editors can design an interior render to compliment your floor plan. Show potential buyers how versatile your commercial space can be.

360 Interior Render From: US$1,500

Take your marketing to the next level with 360° renders, giving potential buyers a full 360° experience of the property.

Commercial Aerial Streetscape

Apartment Complex From: US$750

Adding this render to your listing will demonstrate what the entire complex will look like to prospective buyers.

Commercial Aerial Photo/Render Montage

Apartment Complex – Aerial Render From: US$1,200

Showcase the entire apartment complex and a stunning “birds-eye-view” render.

Commercial Aerial Photo/Render Montage

Apartment Complex – Interior Render From: US$350

A crucial selling point for any apartment complex. Give your prospective buyers a stunning interior render to showcase how they can use the space in their potential new home.

Commercial Aerial Photo/Render Montage

2D Elevations From: US$120

The perfect render for a stunning “artist impression” of your commercial property.

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  • Love your work. Definitely will be using your services. Thank you.

    –Creagh Ferdinands, Harcourts Alliance

  • Ryan Daykin

    Just wanted to send a quick bit of feedback your way – so happy with how our photos are coming out. We’re very happy with the daytime improvements of them, but the day to dusk shots are just a whole other level of awesome – they just look so real and professional – we’re absolutely stoked with them, so just wanted to give you a bit of feedback about it… Your teams editing skills have certainly boosted the quality of our presentations beyond our expectations.

    –Ryan Daykin, Mansfield Real Estate

  • The photo is great it’s exatly what i wanted out of my image, ill be sending through about 18 images (give or take) on average a day Mon–Fri.


  • Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic work you did on my first project. I will certainly be using you again and will recommend your services. Very impressed thank you!


  • When I first submitted my photos I was pleased with the finished product. I did however need a couple of photos re edited. I let you guys know what I needed done and if that was even possible. It turned out to be possible and I’m very happy with my photos! Thank you so much and I WILL be using Box Brownie again!

    –Leonard Holton, Keller Williams Fort Lauderdale

  • I have tried your service and found it to be great, easy to use, timely response, fantastic value and a great end result.

    –Wayne White, LJ Hooker

  • Wayne White

    I'm so excited! Next trial will be the virtual furniture!

    –Lauren McNally, Real Estate Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Really Get My Renders In Just 2 Weeks?

Turnaround times for renders are approximately 2 weeks depending on revisions and your response times. Large projects with numerous renders may take longer. For 2D elevations, the turnaround time is approximately 1 week.

What Information Do You Need To Complete A Render?

The more detailed information supplied the better. However, there are few options when uploading your render project.

Preferred option

Supply the architectural DWG files (produced by CAD software) for the relevant building to complete your job quickly and accurately. This format includes all the detailed measurements including elevations that we require. A builder’s floor plan alone is not enough.

Secondary option

If you don’t have access to the original architectural plans, then we can work from PDF files. Please note, it does take longer to complete and there will be an additional charge.

Third option

If you don’t have access to either the DWG files or the relevant PDF, we can create renders from images but again this will incur an additional charge and we cannot guarantee a two-week turnaround.

When ordering we will also ask you for:

  • Design brief including textures and colors.
  • Landscape details and you have the option to include reference photos.
  • Any additional information or specifications. We have provided a comment box so that you can include more information if required.

What If I Want To Change Something?

The price includes 2 sets of revisions

  • We will send you a first draft showing layout and the clay model of the structure for you to review and advise of changes and tweaks.
  • We will make any revisions and add colors, textures, landscaping, etc and send you the next draft. You can request further changes and updates.
  • From there you will receive a final draft for confirmation and then we will send the completed render in high resolution.

If you require additional changes after the second (final) color draft has been produced, additional fees will apply. Please see our full price list.

2D Elevations

The price includes a single final output only. There are no revision phases included for 2D elevations. Any changes required will incur additional charges.

I’m Selling 70 Units Off The Plan And Require A Unique Render For Each Of Them, Is There Any Way I Can Get Reduced Pricing?

Sorry, there are no volume discounts available. We operate on high volume and low margins and offer the same low price to all customers.

How Long Do You Store My Renders For?

We keep your completed high-resolution files for 2 years. The “working file” of your render is kept for 6 months for residential and 12 months for commercial. If you require changes to your render project within the 6 or 12 month period after the completion of your project, changes can be made (additional charges apply). If you require changes to your project after this time a new project will need to be lodged.

What If I Want A Floor Plan Or Development Site Plan?

To complete your marketing collateral you have the option of ordering a 2D Floor Plan, 3D Floor Plan, or Development Site Plan with your render project.

These can be ordered online via your BoxBrownie.com dashboard at the same time as your renders. Our team is also happy to assist and guide you to the best options for your project.