No longer a marketing tool for Luxury Real Estate, 3D architectural renders can be used for all property types. These computer-generated images can sell undeveloped lots and help new home buyers visualize what the house will look like from the plans.

3D architectural renders need to become an essential part of any off the plan selling process.

Using 3D Renders to Sell Property

Today’s current real estate market is competitive, buyers are savvier, and they know what they want, forcing developers to really step up and engage in active marketing. Architects and developers need to make a good first impression, displaying their plans in the most appealing and realistic way possible.

You don’t want your customers guessing what their house or a development will look like, you want to present them with the facts so there are no surprises at the end. You are showing buyers exactly what they are getting for their money. 3D renders enable you to display in detail what the inside and outside of the house will look like, including the layout of the neighborhood, you are assisting buyers to visualize themselves in their new home.

Helping in The Design Process

3D Renders can assist buyers in their home design process, allowing them to visualize what different aspects might look like, prior to starting construction. Visualizations tools like 3D renders give buyers options and control over their new build, at the same time preventing costly change orders after construction starts. At the end of the day you want to manage client expectations and give them exactly what they visualized.

3D Renders In The Marketing Process

It is increasingly common for developers to use 3D render artwork to assist in building community and brand awareness of their projects. 3D renders aren’t just for one-off projects for high paying clients, they can be used for:

  • Online advertising of new properties or developments
  • The imagery used for PR of a new development or building
  • For client presentations
  • Promote architectural designs and developments on social media
  • To be used in marketing materials, such as brochures and site banners

Using quality and detailed 3D renders can help you attract the attention of clients and set you apart from the competition. BoxBrownie.com has made 3D Renders available to everyone, not just luxury real estate, with our editors producing high-quality, fast and affordable 24/7!

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