23 March 2018

4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Photos

Let’s face it, we all want to take perfect photos the first time, often in real estate, this is tricky. By gaining practice and knowing a few things to do you can save yourself a lot of time by not needing to re-take shots.

To the untrained eye, small changes in photos will go unnoticed, but they will have a huge impact on the overall outcome of the final image. Here are some really easy ways to add that little bit extra to your next real estate shots.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Even if someone is still living in the property, you need to make the home look as much like a display home as possible. The key things display homes don’t have is clutter and personal items, so remove all knick-knacks and put as much stuff away as possible. 

Here are some simple ways of decluttering a room:

  • Put away TV remotes
  • Put away papers
  • Remove blankets or clothing from chairs
  • Put away personal items, like picture frames, trinkets etc.
  • Removing any unnecessary items from bench space. Kettles, toasters, and appliances in kitchens
  • Remove anything that doesn’t need to be there or doesn’t have a purpose in the room.

DIY tricks for making a house looking like a display home:

  • Move furniture away from the walls. It will make the room look more inviting and accessible.
  • Include different types of lighting in a room. It is key to have layered lighting, such as table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lights.
  • Use indoor plans. Bring some pot plants outside into the room just for the photo!
  • Use pillows, especially in bedrooms. Everyone loves visiting homes with comfy looking bedrooms.

If by chance your images don't turn out quite as you'd intended, you can always use an Item Removal edit to make the unwanted item disappear.

Clean Lines

You can completely change a space by making sure everything is symmetrical, there are clean lines and making items to give a feeling of space.

A simple way of doing this when preparing for a shot is to open all blinds and sliding doors. This creates fewer lines in the image which gives the shot a simple feel.

Getting The Right Angles

If you’ve already taken a few real estate photos, you’d know that not all rooms are easy to shoot. Kitchen and bathrooms are renowned for being hard to photograph well, because of their tricky corners, reflective surfaces, and odd shapes.

Here are some things to consider when photographing rooms:

  • Always make sure the camera is shooting level, no matter what the height
  • Try taking photos at different levels, waist height, eye height or overhead shots depending on the space.
  • Capture three of the corners of the room to create an appealing image
  • Shoot at an angle that catches as many key features as possible

Try and reduce the chances of getting caught in reflections. If it isn’t possible BoxBrownie.com can always edit the reflection out.

It's All About The Lighting

Making the rooms your shoot bright and airy will completely change the look and feel of an image, it also ensures that all the details within the room are captured. Sometimes circumstances make it hard to get the perfect bright image.

Here are some ways to make your property photos look light and airy:

  • Turn on all lights
  • Try to take photos during the day, rather than in the evening and at night
  • Open all curtains and doors
  • Use a flash and diffuser, to create an even light throughout the room.

If your images don't turn out quite as you expected you can always photoshop or use an Image Enhancement service to add a touch more to your photos. 

It doesn’t take much to create great images, especially within real estate. All you need is a good eye for detail, using the correct angles and some basic equipment.

If anything is missed there is no need to panic, as BoxBrownie.com and pretty much fix any error.