6 September 2018

7 Real Estate Photos That Sell Homes

Don’t know which rooms and areas to highlight in your next property shoot? Sit back and relax cause we have the answers for you. This article showcases seven crucial shots your listing needs and the best ways to capture them according to Brad Filliponi, a veteran in real estate photography with more than 15 years of experience.

1: Curb Appeal
Getting an appealing shot of your curb is important for an excellent first impression. Keep your curb appealing by removing vehicles in the driveway and other clutter like trash bins out of sight.  

2: A room with a view
Pay extra attention to rooms with views and ensure you capture the spaces including the outside landscapes.   

3: The Biggest Bathroom
Shoot the biggest bathroom in the property right from the doorway. Don’t worry about reflections as this can be easily expunged in our editing process.

4: Master Bedroom
Showcase your master bedroom by pulling up the blinds. Ensure covers are free from creases and pillows are tucked into place.

5: Living and Dining
In the living and dining areas, straighten out and space all chairs evenly and set tables subtly for a better ambience.  

6: Kitchen
Tidy up your kitchen and keep chairs and stools evenly positioned. Also, make sure your rangehood light is on.

7: Backyard and Entertaining
Shoot the patio or pool from a rearview to capture two angles in one frame. This produces a great hero shot for your property.  

It’s okay if you don’t have all these options. Just shoot the ones you have and make sure to capture plenty so you can easily choose from them and evade reshooting.

Always keep your listings fresh to stay on top of the game. To know more about real estate photography and useful tips, just click here to visit our blog.