In the fiercely competitive world of real estate, two global industry leaders have forged an alliance that promises to streamline the way real estate professionals operate.  

BoxBrownie.com and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® have joined forces to provide real estate professionals worldwide with a powerful advantage in an industry where first impressions are everything. 

This alliance is set to redefine how agents market listings, leading to faster property transactions and offering innovative visual marketing solutions. 

BoxBrownie.com is thrilled to collaborate with the esteemed LeadingRE, joining their Solutions Group program as a preferred business resource for their vast network. 

Jeff Kennedy, LeadingRE's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, emphasized the immense value of this collaboration when he said,"BoxBrownie.com’s expertise in image editing and marketing is a game-changer for real estate professionals.”  

“Their services, from virtual staging and renovation to 360 virtual tours, can save agents both time and money and position listings in the best possible way,” he said. 

LeadingRE brings together a network of the world's foremost independent residential brokerages, spanning over 70 countries and comprising 550 firms with 138,000 sales associates. 

In a similar global spirit, BoxBrownie.com serves over 170,000 customers in more than 116 countries. 

The collaboration between BoxBrownie.com and LeadingRE is founded on a shared vision: empowering real estate professionals with the essential tools and services they need to excel in this highly competitive industry. 

Mel Myers, BoxBrownie.com's co-founder and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about this alliance. 

"We are excited to enter into this relationship, as it reflects our unwavering commitment to providing innovative and streamlined solutions that help industry professionals stand out in a competitive market," he said. 

In the dynamic and competitive real estate market, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial for success.  

The collaboration between BoxBrownie.com and LeadingRE offers a powerful advantage to real estate professionals.  

With a comprehensive suite of image editing and marketing services, BoxBrownie.com empowers agents to present properties in the best possible light, ultimately contributing to their success in the industry. 


Ready to unlock the power of partnership? If you're eager to learn more about partnering opportunities with BoxBrownie.com, reach out to our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Tash Poole, at [email protected].