Real Estate Photography isn’t easy, having the right camera is just a small part of it.

It is essential to ensure that your photo-shoot runs smoothly, this not only helps to ensure you can get to the next job quicker but it also keeps your client happy. We sat down with Brad and asked him for some tips on ensuring you have everything ready before you get to the shoot.

What you need before you leave for each photo-shoot:

  • Always carry an umbrella -  Weather can change quickly in some areas, and you don’t want to damage your equipment. Carrying a spare work shirt, towel, jumper, plus sunscreen and hat are always nice to have packed away if required – Don’t forget your bottle of water daily!
  • Make sure your tripod legs are tight and secure – You don’t want loose bolts ruining your images.  It’s a good idea to carry tools in your camera bag in case they are needed during the day if bolts become loose. It’s also not a bad idea to have spare bolts.
  • Make sure all batteries are charged - If you only have 1 battery - it’s a good idea to keep batteries out of the camera in case it is accidentally left/turned on in your camera bag.  It’s a good idea to have a spare battery fully charged! Best to purchase a back-up on e-bay. (Aftermarket batteries are fine to save $ - Flash backup batteries are more important than camera batteries, as they run out faster – You should be able to do 6-12 photo shoots on 1 camera charge – depending on the size of them. Replace flash batteries after every 2-3 shots).
  • Ensure your memory card is in your camera - Not left on your computer. It’s a good idea to have a spare memory card in your camera bag - Best to purchase a backup on eBay or JB HIFI - saves time driving back home for it!
  • Carry hand sanitizer - There is still a chance you may have to move plenty of belongings around during the photo shoot.

This quick and easy list of things to consider before any shoot will ensure that your edited shots will look exactly how you client will want them.

To download a full copy of the Pre Photography Checklist click here.

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