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3 August 2017


Don’t shy away from taking photos in the rain. With real estate photography, we know that you can’t always wait for perfect weather to take photos, realtors run on tight deadlines and so do you.

BoxBrownie.com’s, Brad Filliponi, shows us how to get the perfect real estate photos in not so perfect weather.

What you need to shoot in the rain:

  • Tripod – This ensures the shot isn’t blurry. Often when there is rain involved and camera movement the shot will look fuzzy, affecting the ability to edit the shot later.
  • Large umbrella – Keeping your equipment and camera dry is essential. These are cheap and easy to get, just leave them in your car for when you need it.
  • Lens cloth – Have one handy to wipe down the lens of your camera. This reduces the chance that you will get rain spots in your final photo. These can be edited but will reduce the final quality of your shot.
  • Upload photos – Once you have taken your photos, just upload them to BoxBrownie.com and select the Image Enhancement edit. We will make your photo look like it was taken on a bright and sunny day.

At BoxBrownie.com we’re all about making your life easier. Rain, hail or shine we will make your real estate photography stand out with our wide range of edits.

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