4 January 2018

Capturing The Best Property Hero Shot

Although taking real estate photos might seem easy, there are many techniques that photographers use to make a listing look amazing. When a photographer attends a shoot, they are always looking to capture the following key things:

  • The perfect ‘hero’ shot
  • Ways to make the property look large
  • Capturing unique/stand-out features.

These shots should feature in marketing material, and make up the listings hero shots.

Getting The ‘Hero’ Shot

A hero shot is considered the key image that showcases the property, or the feature image used in marketing materials. The hero shot needs to sell the property and make it stand out from other listings. There are always key ‘hero’ angles when shooting a property, these are essential for successfully capturing the property, a majority of the time these are of the overall property from the outside or of a spectacular view.

Nowadays, most potential buyers scroll through real estate websites or apps on their smartphone, briefly breezing through each property’s images. Decisions are made based on these images, that is why good quality photos are required to attract quality leads for agents. It is important that the property stands out online.

What is The Best Hero Shot?

Oddly enough, the best shot is usually at the rear of the house, over the pool if they have one. It can also be a shot of a unique feature of the property, such as a view or structural feature.

Photography is about storytelling through images, it is no different with real-estate photography. Try and fit as much detail as you can about the property in the mixture of the photo angles you take. Show off as many features of the property as you can through your photos. The idea is to give buyers a broad “overview” of the main features they will be inspecting.

Ask yourself when you first inspect the property – what are the main angles that have the most “wow factor” to you?

What Are the Main Shots Needed for a Listing?

Although, images are crucial for selling a listing, sometimes showing too much can have a negative impact. You still want prospective buyers to physically go and view the property. As a photographer, it is best to take lots of shots on-site so you have a range to choose from, this saves you having to re-visit the property for anything you missed.

“less is more”

These days, ‘less is more’ so a handful of quality shots is all you need to entice buyers to visit the property. Photos are designed to get buyers to the door. Here is a list of shots essential for successfully listing a property:

  • Front Exterior
  • Rear Exterior
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge/Living Area
  • Dining
  • Media Room
  • Largest Bathroom
  • Master Bedroom & Second Bedroom
  • Patio & balcony with a view
  • Pool area

All these areas are key to a listing and will help buyers make a decision about purchasing the property.

Finished taking your shots? Upload them to our Image Enhancement service and we will get them back to you within 24 hours and ready to be delivered to your customer.