11 August 2017

Davide Palermo: Staging And Furnishing in The New World

By Davide Palermo - The Agency

Technology is changing the way the real estate industry markets listings, particularly with the affordability of Virtual Staging.

In his latest real estate video, Davide Palermo from The Agency discusses how important staging and having a furnished home is in attracting buyers. In the past sellers have had to rely on renting furniture for staging their home, this is costly and only a viable option for luxury real estate due to the expense and time involved.

Now with technology changes and its affordability, many sellers are Virtually Staging their properties at half the price of traditional staging. With 90% of buyers finding their property online, staging and particularly Virtual Staging is important in creating a good first impression and grabbing their attention early. The great benefit of Virtual Staging is that it gives potential buyers the ability to see the home with and without furniture, enabling the buyers to visualize the property as they would live in it.

Virtual Staging has now provided those with a lower budget, and rental properties, the option of staging their home in modern furniture. With the added potential of attracting more offers and higher sales prices, why wouldn't you Virtually Stage your next listing?