13 November 2017

How To Get The Perfect Dusk Shot

Dusk (or twilight) shots can make an ordinary home look extraordinary, plus it can hide any ugly defects. This is the hardest time of the day to shoot and why photographers charge a premium for this service.

When it comes to getting the best shot, practice makes perfect! We recommend shooting a range of homes to get as much practice as possible before taking on any real-life work scenarios.

Here are some handy tips for getting started with dusk real estate photography.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time!

Check your local sunset time and allow a good 60-90 minutes shooting time before the sunlight drops enough to shoot the exteriors. Learners may need 60-120 minutes to shoot a dusk property to ensure nothing is missed.

Light drops very fast on dusk/twilight shoots so it’s critical to plan and schedule.

Open All The Blinds

When you get to the property, open all blinds facing the exterior and turn on all lamps and lights in the home. However, be mindful of exterior flood/spotlights, as these are usually very bright and we recommend keeping these turned off.

You want to create an open, welcoming feel, this why you want to keep the blinds up and lights on. If the lighting doesn’t look great in the final photo, we can always edit in lights as part of our Day to Dusk edit.

When Is The Best Time To Shoot The Exterior of a House At Dusk?

Usually, exterior premium dusk shooting time is when the reflection on the windows glass is even and shadowing from the sun is minimal. This is a good sign that the lighting is perfect.

When the sun is at this level, you have approximately 5 to 15 minutes of premium light depending on surrounding environment.

Don’t Light Fireplaces

Lighting fireplaces might seem like a great idea when doing the internal shots but can potentially ruin external photos.

Fires create haze and ruin shots. If you want a beautiful shot of the fireplace, just get us to digitally enhance flames. They look realistic, are quick and easy, and you won’t have to get your hands dirty!

Still struggling to get good dusk shots? Just take day photos and upload them to our 24/7 self-service photo editing and we’ll add in the perfect sky for you. Try it now!