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13 March 2017


It’s often the larger areas that are hard to capture and can appear smaller on camera. These are also the shots that you want to get right, as they are generally a key feature of a property.

Shooting rooms, like the living and dining rooms, generally contain lots of windows and can be hard to photograph. But you still want to capture the feeling of space and the view as well. With years of experience, Brad Filliponi from BoxBrownie.com, covers a few tips for making a room larger and what you need to do to get those tricky interior shots.

How to make a room look larger

  • If there are great views outside, it is always best to completely open bi-fold doors. Let the view speak for itself and create more space.
  • Shooting interiors, you must balance dark shadow and bright sunlight
  • For difficult shots, always use a Digital SLR Camera, tripod and external flash
  • For shots that have a lot of light and dark, you’ll need to use bracketed photos, and HDR them using BoxBrownie.com.

Once you have captured your photos just upload them to your BoxBrownie.com dashboard and select the Image Enhancement edit, and you will be well on your way to professional photos within 24 hours.

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