The rental market has now become just as competitive as selling properties, spurred on by more people choosing to rent rather than buy. This makes it even more important to grab a tenant’s attention straight away when they are filtering through online listings.

Marketing a rental property should be approached in a similar way as selling a property. You want to attract attention quickly, so the property leases faster. Therefore, we always encourage Property Managers to engage in professional photography, or at the very least get the images edited, and inform their clients of the benefits…. Shorter time on the market, and higher rental return.

Properties With Professional Photos Rent Faster.

Recent research by the independent real estate analyst, Michael Matusik, found that properties often let in days, not weeks when they used edited images.

Owning a rental property is a business, the longer it remains vacant the more lost rental income. Professional photos draw more attention to a listing, generating more inquiries and inspections, high-quality photos mean the difference between losing a week rental income and securing the next tenant faster.

Most rental property listings look the same, drab and dull, the key thing that makes them look like this is poor photo quality. Shooting on a smartphone or basic camera just doesn’t cut it, and when most of the market is using poor photos, your listing will quickly blur into all the others out there.

Catch potential tenants interest early with professional photos.

Show The Best Features

Poor quality photos make properties appear small and dark, which will turn potential tenants away. Professional photographers know how to use lighting to make a property look fresh, and if they can’t do it then professional editing will.

Not only do professional photos look better, they attract better quality tenants, and help owners to achieve higher rent. Unprofessional images, with clutter and mess, send the wrong message, turning away the most desirable tenants.  By using quality photos to drive interest to the property listing, this allows property managers to be more selective on who to recommend as a tenant.

Professional Photos are an Investment

Often it is a hard-sell trying to get landlords to use professional photography for their property, especially with the high initial outlay to get a property ready for lease.

We know as Property Manager that you see firsthand the benefits of using professional quality photos, but here are some key points for informing the landlord if they are reluctant:

  • Minimal rental loss, and rent faster
  • Possibly attract higher quality tenants’ due to the ability to pick tenants based on more interest.
  • With increased interest, there may be the ability to ask for higher rent.
  • They provide an accurate record of the pre-lease condition of the property.
  • Professional photos are a tax-deductible expense. If the property doesn’t change then the photos can be used well into the future.
  • If you intend to sell the property in the future, as a set of professional photos showing the house at its best is always handy.

The easiest way to lease a property faster is to use professional photography.

At we offer property managers 24 hour turn around on professional photo editing. Just upload your photos, select the edit you need and click submit, your photos will be delivered to your inbox the next day.