31 October 2017

Rain, Hail or Shine – Getting the Best Real Estate Photography Shots

Getting the initial photo right is the first step in getting well edited and finished shots. Often the most important photos for selling a property are the hardest to get.

Exterior real estate shots can be tricky, you are often having to contend with the sun, and all kinds of weather. The front of a property is what prospective buyers see first, so getting the perfect angle is important.

Real Estate Photographers must have the ability to take striking exterior photos, in all conditions, rain, hail or shine. To help you get the best exterior day-time photos we have put together a list of some handy tips:

Shooting in Direct Sunlight

In the photography world, it is best to avoid taking shots at noon. But in real estate photography, you rarely get to choose the time of day, therefore knowing how to get the best shot in full sun is essential.

If you do have to shoot at noon, do all internal property shots first and then do the externals, by which time the sun may not be so direct. When the sun is overhead it creates extreme highlights and dark shadows, something best to avoid for a good photo.

Can’t avoid the direct sun? Don’t worry just block it with your fingers/hand when shooting to shade the lens. We can digitally remove your hand for free in the standard editing process saving you time re-visiting the property.

Overcast Days

Overcast days are often the best for external shots, as the overcast sky acts as a giant diffuser, which reduces shadow and provides even lighting.

If it’s overcast and you have deadlines, don’t despair. Most of the time, if the rain’s not too heavy, the camera won’t pick up much of the rain specks. If it does we can edit the shots if required, giving you that “hosed down” look on the ground.

Sometimes Rainy Days Are Good

Don’t avoid a shoot just because the weather isn’t perfect. Suburban interiors and properties without a view can shoot better on rainy days, due to the lack of shadows. This idea can also be applied to properties with lots of trees, which can cast strong shadows.

Interiors with Ocean Views

If you’re lucky enough to shoot a property with ocean view, it is best to take these shots on sunny days for best results. The better the weather, the better the result!

The bright sun will better enhance the view and bring out details. If the weather isn’t so great, don’t worry, we can apply our image enhancement edit and apply a more appealing sky.

Artistic Shots

Artistic or feature shots are great to use for important spaces, such as living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens. The first point to remember is to be aware of items in the front of your frame, such as bowls of fruit or candles, you want to make sure they are something appealing.

For a professional look, we recommend using something to break up the image, such as placing something in the foreground of the shot.

Power-Lines and Poles

They are easy to miss, but always be aware of powerline and power poles when taking external shots. They are often hard to miss, as they can even pop up in internal shots when not being aware them.

The best way to avoid unknowingly getting powerlines in your shots is to get creative with angels.  One great way of doing this is use areas, like balcony poles and window frames to hide them, even shooting down low can hide them.

Property Features

When marketing a property, it is essential to make sure the listing stands out to a potential buyer. The best way to do this is to find a point of difference, this is generally something unique to the listing, such as beautiful views, pools, and grand front entrances.

Feature any extra “property additions” in your photos that the property should offer. Buyers love any great extras!

Visible Blinds in External Shots

Even when shooting a house exterior, it is still important to consider the inside of the house, particularly the blinds.

When getting your shoot ready, especially for the frontal hero shot, ensure all the blinds within the house are open and level with each other. This creates a cleaner, neater look which will catch a buyer’s attention.

Didn’t get your photos how you wanted them?

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