For most of us taking a shot of a house is just a matter of point and shoot. But to get images that really show the characteristics of a home it involves a few professional tricks.

We followed BoxBrownie Director and Photographer, Brad Filliponi, through a typical house shoot and noticed a few tricks he uses to get those ‘wow’ shots.

Here are a few tips for getting the right shot:

  • In most cases it is best to leave doors open, to create a feeling of space. Open sliding doors leading outside to make the room bigger, add flow and doesn’t block the room as much. You would only close a door, if it leads into a messy/busy room, such as a laundry or garage.
  • Always turn on lights, including the range hood in kitchens.
  • Sometimes minimal furniture is better than nothing. In some situations, it can be best to shift furniture from room to room.
  • Always make sure towel are even in bathrooms, or even remove them if they aren’t neat.
  • Always remove bathroom mats.
  • Smooth out bed sheets and linen.
  • Center all tap wear.
  • Watch out for mirrors, don’t catch your reflection in them. If you can’t get away from being in the photo, set up your camera on a tripod and use the camera timer to take the shot.
  • Always close garage doors.
  • Remove fridge magnets if possible. If there are too many leave them on and can remove them during the Image Enhancement process.
  • Line up chairs and bar stools, make things symmetrical and neat.
  • Take photos at eye height. You want the photos to appear as people will see the property.
  • Turn the camera flash off it there is likely to be lots of reflections. This is usually the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Before you leave the property check that you have all the shots and the correct number. Sometimes it is easy to miss a room or certain angle.

Checkout our other blogs for more handy photography tips. If you don’t get the best shot, we can always make it look professional via our extensive online editing service.