In the dynamic world of real estate marketing, presentation is everything. That's why we're excited to reintroduce our existing service Item Removal, now known as Item Removal & Virtual Clean. This edit has always included virtual cleaning capabilities, but we've renamed it to better capture its diverse range of features, including cleaning dirty driveways and straightening askew blinds, to name a few examples.

Beyond Just Object Removal 

While our service continues to expertly remove unwanted items from your photos, we want to let you know about other ways you can use this handy little edit. With Item Removal & Virtual Clean, you can create curb appeal and present polished interiors effortlessly. We can help you transform your property's appearance in a variety of ways: 

Driveway Cleaning: Remove stains, dirt, lawn clippings, and debris from driveways and pathways, giving your property a well-maintained look. 

Blind Straightening: Straighten askew blinds and curtains to create a neat and inviting atmosphere in your interior shots. 

Wall and Floor Cleaning: Clean up scuff marks, stains, or imperfections on walls and floors to present a pristine living space. 

Window Cleaning: Remove dirt, smudges, or marks from windows to showcase the view and natural light in your photos. 

Debris on Construction Sites: Ensure a clean and inviting appearance by cleaning up dust, plaster, and other materials during building or renovations. 

Standard Item Removal & Virtual Clean 

Our Item removal: 3+ Small Items; Or 1 Or More Large Item is now called Standard Item Removal & Virtual Clean. This service remains priced at US$8 and still includes the removal of larger items like furniture, oil spills, and construction waste. This service allows for a thorough clean-up, ensuring your property looks its best in photos. 

Minor Item Removal & Virtual Clean 

Our Item Removal: 1 Or 2 Small Items edit is now called Minor Item Removal & Virtual Clean. This service remains priced at US$4 and is still designed for smaller items, such as a smudge, an electrical cord, or a bath towel. This service is ideal for jobs involving three or fewer objects that you can carry with ease without assistance, like a coffee mug or magazine. 

New Name, Same Service 

Our updated service name reflects the versatility of our offerings. Whether you need to remove an unwanted object, clean up a surface, or straighten out a detail, we have the tools and expertise to elevate your real estate photos and attract more buyers. Have a photo that needs a little cleaning up? Submit an Item Removal & Virtual Clean job today! 


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