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13 February 2017


Real estate is all about position and privacy, you want to ensure you are capturing the property and not the neighbors. There are ways of doing this while on site without making it look obvious, or the need to edit the image later.    

BoxBrownie.com’s Brad Filliponi talks about some handy tips on ways to do this easily and professionally, still capturing the property features.

Tips For Blocking Out Neighboring Properties

  • Half mask blinds - You are still letting in light, but blocking out the neighbors
  • If you have great landscaping outside and you want to show it off, pull up the blind so it is in line with the top of the fence. You can see the garden but not the neighbor's fence.

Once you have captured your photos just upload them to your BoxBrownie.com dashboard and select the Image Enhancement edit, and you will be well on your way to professional photos within 24 hours.


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