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13 October 2017


We recently caught up with Mary Proud, from Aspire Real Estate Agents, to hear about her experiences using Virtual Staging. With over 16 years in the real estate industry, she has seen many changes in marketing techniques and knows what works.

Does It Help Sell Properties?

Of all the BoxBrownie.com services Mary uses, she has found that Virtual Furniture has helped her sell properties the quickest.

When viewing homes, Mary has found many buyers don’t realize that the home was virtually staged when they saw the photos online. Only when they arrived at the property did they realize the home was empty.

Virtual furniture is a great way of showing potential buyers how to place furniture and give an idea of space and the actual size of the property. Mary has found that a lot of people get distracted by the current owner’s furniture and miss important features of the property. But when she has used virtual staging her listing has sold very quickly.

It's Easy to Sell to Vendors

Easy to sell to the vendors, because it means the owners can move all their furniture out to their new home without worrying that it won’t sell. It also means that the home won’t look overcrowded and will always be styled in the most up to date furniture.

BoxBrownie.com’s Services

Most Realtors use BoxBrownie.com for more than just one service. Mary discusses how she uses the floor plan edit when selling apartments, and to get a clear interpretation of builder’s plans. Although, Mary has found the biggest asset in selling a home quickly is virtual staging.

Does Virtual Staging Make the Photos Look Fake?

With the technology available today virtual staging no longer looks fake, often realtors have to explain that the furniture isn’t really in the photos and that virtual staging was used.

Mary has found her clients like the ability to see how space can use used, and where furniture should be placed. Unlike traditional staging, buyers can see the home with and without furniture.

Does It Save Realtors Time?

Using virtual staging takes the extra work out of selling a home, there is no need to find furniture, rent it and book a time to set the home up.

All the work involved is uploading professional photos of the property to BoxBrownie.com, selecting the Virtual Furniture style, then waiting for your completed room to be sent back.

As Mary mentions, ‘the first week is imperative for successfully selling a property’, therefore virtually staging is a must. You can upload your photos anytime, from anywhere and within 48 hours you will have a fully furnished property. We want to help realtors by providing a smooth and efficient process for enhancing and staging their properties.

If you’re looking at making your property pictures more appealing, Virtual Staging is something to consider. BoxBrownie.com offers a full range of real estate photo editing services, in addition to providing the most affordable and professional Virtual Staging on the market.

Find out more about how we can help sell your property with Virtual Staging, click here.

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