Have you ever wondered what catches the eye of buyers when it comes to real-estate photography?

The photos you take of properties need to inspire buyers, create a desire for the home and ultimately make them want to purchase it. This takes more than just pointing the camera and clicking a button.

It has been proven that professional real estate photography sells properties for higher prices and quicker. It is now an essential part of real estate marketing to get the property photos right and looking professional.

There are generally a few basic rules that are followed to make photographs stand out. Below are a few tips you can use, along with the Pre-Photography Checklist, to get that stand out shot:

Keep The Image Simple

To get an attractive shot, you want to remove all distractions from the photo that don’t aid in presenting it well. Common items that create a distraction in an external image are; Multiple cars in a driveway, trash cans, kids toys etc. For an internal photo, you want to keep a room neat and remove as many personal effects as possible, photos, too many books, and clothes etc.

If you can’t remove everything, don’t worry about it as you can use BoxBrownie.com’s Item Removal service to do it instead.

Bright Photos

Buyers aren’t attracted to dark or shady shots, to ensure that every image is bright and sharp. Late morning and early afternoon are when the sun is at its brightest, creating an excellent opportunity to capture external shots of the house and highlighting attractive features.

If you can’t get a bright shot because of the conditions, don’t worry as we can use our Image Enhancement service to brighten your shots.

Artificial Lighting

Most of the time daytime is the best time to take real estate photos, but some properties have feature lighting which creates a dramatic effect that is worth capturing. These kinds of shots work well for properties with landscaped back gardens with pools.

If you can’t get a shot at night, BoxBrownie.com can always help with our Day to Dusk image enhancement service.

Image Structure

When shooting interiors, how the photo is framed, what is left in and out contributes to what takes a photo appealing. There are general rules, but most people generally recognize what works and what doesn’t.

Staging is the key element to interior real estate photography success, having the right mix of furniture and color tones is essential to an appealing room. Often traditional staging is financially not viable for non-luxury properties, but at BoxBrownie.com we provide a cheaper alternative with Virtual Staging.

View Point

Take the shot in a way that a buyer visiting the house would see the shot. Such as standing at the front door looking down an attractive hallway or looking into a kitchen from an appealing angle. You want to make the property as appealing as possible, but at the same time realistic.

If you can’t get the image perfect, just use BoxBrownie.com to edit your photos. Our services range from Image Enhancement to Item Removal and Virtual Staging.