In the real estate industry, virtual staging has become an increasingly popular tool for showcasing properties in their best light. It has revolutionized the way properties are marketed, offering numerous benefits for sellers, agents, and buyers alike.

However, along with its many advantages, virtual staging also brings the challenge of managing buyer expectations. One concern we occasionally hear from real estate professionals is the potential disappointment buyers may feel when they arrive at a property expecting to see a fully furnished home, only to find it vacant. We understand this is a consideration, and we totally agree! Managing buyer expectations is essential for effective and ethical marketing with virtual staging.

To address this issue and other concerns, we recommend the following strategies when incorporating virtual staging into your property marketing.  

Always Remember… 

Decorate, don’t renovate! It's important to remember that virtual staging is about enhancing the visual appeal of a property, not altering its permanent fixtures. Virtual staging allows you to showcase the potential of a space by adding furniture and decor, but it should not be used to change the structure or permanent features of the property. This approach ensures that buyers are not misled and have a realistic understanding of the property's true condition. By using virtual staging ethically, you can attract buyers while maintaining transparency and integrity in your marketing efforts. 


Transparency is crucial in the virtual staging process, which is why we highly recommend including a disclaimer on every digitally staged image to ensure buyers understand the property's true condition and are not misled. In some cases, depending on your local MLS rules, a disclaimer may be mandatory. When submitting a Virtual Staging job with us, you can add a disclaimer to your images and customize it to meet your specific requirements, or you can request our common disclaimers: "Virtually Staged" or "These images have been virtually staged."

Additional Information 

Alongside virtual staging, we encourage real estate professionals to provide comprehensive information about the property, including its current vacant state. This helps manage buyer expectations and allows them to envision the space more accurately. As always, real estate professionals should provide accurate property descriptions to ensure buyers have a realistic understanding of the property's current condition. 

Alternative Photos 

Alongside the virtually staged images, we recommend including unstaged photos of the vacant property in the listing. This provides potential buyers with a clear understanding of the property's current condition and layout.  

In-Person Experience 

Schedule in-person viewings promptly. This allows buyers to see the property first-hand and get a sense of its actual size and layout. We recommend displaying large images of the virtually staged space on easels in each corresponding room during in-person viewings, or provide flyers of the virtually staged rooms for buyers to take with them when walking through the property.  

Complementary Physical Staging 

In some cases, physical home staging can complement virtual staging. If you don't have the budget to physically stage the entire house, you can opt to virtually stage the entire home and physically stage one or two key rooms. This approach provides a more immersive experience during showings, enhancing the overall presentation of the property.  

Harness the Power of Virtual Staging with Confidence 

Virtual staging offers many benefits and is often chosen for its practicality and cost-effectiveness. In situations where there is a limited budget for traditional staging, virtual staging offers a more affordable alternative that can still showcase the property's potential to buyers.

Additionally, some property owners may be concerned about potential damage to their property when moving furniture in and out for traditional staging. Virtual staging eliminates this risk, providing a safe and efficient way to enhance the visual appeal of a property without the need for physical furniture.  

By following these simple strategies, you can manage expectations, and ensure a positive experience for buyers while leveraging the advantages of Virtual Staging

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