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29 May 2019



In this blog, you will learn the tips on what to look out for when choosing that feature shot of the property you want, in order to attract to potential buyers. This “banger” or hero shot will not only make your listing stand out from the crowd but sell your property faster.


In this first image, a hand has been placed over the sun to remove glare. This is important when shooting directly into the sunlight (just make sure your hand doesn’t cover any of the property). Our team of editors can then enhance the entire image, replace sky and even repair any grass. As you can see a much better result is achieved. A suggestion would be, to keep an eye out for the edges of the sky replacement next to trees and roof of the property. The antenna and powerlines are still really visible in the image, however the lines around the foliage could be cleaner. 

As you can see, the next shot is missing some landscaping. This is a great edit for builders that want to show the finished potential. The additional grass has been really edited well. Especially where the grass meets the fence and house. The same can also be said for the sky replacement as it lines up really cleanly to the roof on both the property and the home next door. We don’t think we can even pick a fault on this great hero shot!

This image may initially look like a great hero shot, useful for marketing the property. We think otherwise in its current state. As you can see it is quite an overcast day, which has made some of the foliage blend into the sky in some parts. Our editors have done a great job here to replace the sky and work with what is in the image. It is marked really well even though there is some slight interferences in the image.

In the below image we have really brought a lot of detail back into the photo compared to the dark original shot. There are still some very slight edits that could do with improving. There also looks to be a lake outside which could be a great selling point if it wasn’t so washed out. By enhancing that lake and making it more blue(replacing the color), it will definitely make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Next, we have a photo of a kitchen area. When photographing the image, a better outcome would have been achieved by opening the external door. There is a small amount of flash reflection that has been removed in the image enhancement process (it is not needed and doesn’t present well in the final image).

Those all-important images of the view from the property are crucial, not only demonstrating the surrounding areas but they are great selling points. Using our image enhancement service, you can see the sky replacement and the attention to detail, really enhances the view. A great shot for a selling an ocean view property.

You can see the front exterior of this property is quite washed out. After replacing the sky, repairing grass and masking the top of the driveway, there is a significant impact on the marketing potential of the home. This is a great image to demonstrate what can be achieved in the image enhancement process and perfect for marketing the property.

This well-prepared kitchen, dining area and study nook is an ideal hero shot for selling this listing. Although very dark in the original, the image enhancement process has really highlighted just how stunning this area is. You will also notice that the lights have been switched on when taking the photo. This is something we would highly recommend when shooting a property.

While this is a great shot of a shop front, you will notice the absence of powerlines in the second image. Make sure to check all these small details so you don’t loose any of the original items in the image and run the risk of misrepresenting the property.

Here you can see a well-presented bathroom. Even though it is a little bit dark, it can be easily lightened to better represent the space in the editing process. Now it is an image that is a great hero shot from our opinion, especially with the styling, and finishes.  

This is great hero photo of this property, however, it has been photographed on an overcast day. The sky replacement and lawn repairs have been edited really well. This photo is an ideal hero shot to use to market this property.

By using the image enhancement edit, the appeal of the property has improved significantly. We wouldn’t suggest this particular image as an ideal hero shot mainly due to the display of the solar heating on the roof being a distraction. However, we encourage showcasing a property's pool as it can be a huge selling point.

Although this bedroom is quite dark, there is a lot of detail of the exterior in the original image. In the finished product you can see that it has been lightened significantly. We always suggest to include any external views to give potential buyers an understanding of the entire space, not just internally.

The lawn repair on this block of land has made this photo much more appealing to potential buyers. We would suggest to remove those dirt and wheel marks from the front of the block of land. It can really distract the potential buyer, however, once removed can make an ideal hero shot for marketing a block of land.


We hope you find some gained some insight on how to select hero images to market your next property. You will also have a clear idea on what to look out for before you even shoot the property. For example, turning on lights and opening exterior doors.

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