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31 January 2019



Want to learn how to shoot real estate like a pro? What about learning how to shoot a property in under 7 minutes? Well we've done exactly that! In this article, world class real estate photographer Brad Filliponi shares some of his tips on how to shoot and sell property faster!

Tip 1 – Use a professional setup

Using a professional setup will make your life so much easier! Brad’s recommended setup is the following:
- Nikon D7200
- Nikon DX AF-S 10-24mm f3.5 lens
- Nikon Speedlight SB-910 with diffuser
- Tripod


Tip 2 – Use a camera that can auto bracket

Auto bracketing is where your camera can automatically take 5 shots at 5 different exposures. You ideally want to be using a setup where you can literally press the shutter release once to take all 5 exposures. The 5 bracketed shots are then blended together producing a final professional image.

Tip 3 – Prepare the house before shooting it

Before you pick up your camera, make sure the house has been prepared to shoot! If real estate photography had to be broken down into 3 key areas:
- 1/3 is preparing the house
- 1/3 is photographing the house
- 1/3 is editing the pictures

All 3 areas have to be on point in order to produce a professional result.

We even offer a pre-photography checklist to help you ensure the property is ready every time!

Tip 4 – Try including foliage in the shot

When shooting the house exterior, try experimenting a little by including a little foliage in the shot (sky or the ground). It can give the property a very beautiful feel.


Tip 5 – Shoot from higher ground

Shooting from the higher ground generally produces a far more aesthetic shot. On the other hand, shooting a property from the lower ground is generally not the preferred angle.

Tip 6 – Always shoot the master bedroom

The master bedroom is a key room of any property and should always be included.


Tip 7 – Shooting the second bedroom

If you’re shooting a second bedroom in a house where all the bedrooms look very generic, be mindful of what’s outside. The bedroom with the best view outside will generally be the shot to include.  

Tip 8 – Include the kitchen and living area in the same shot

Always great to include the kitchen and living area in the same shot if possible. They are both such a key areas of the house.


Tip 9 – Open up doors if there is a nice view outside

Always be mindful of what’s behind outside doors when shooting interiors. If there’s a nice view outside (like green tree foliage), then ensure to open up the door to create more flow to the area. This will also add a pop of green to your photo which can be a really nice touch (especially if your house interior is a monotone color).


Tip 10 – Shoot extra shots on site

Always better to shoot a few extra angles onsite then to come back and re-shoot any angles that you may have missed.

Tip 11 – Jump out of the reflection when shooting bathrooms

When shooting the bathroom, press the shutter release and jump out of the shot. It's far easier to edit out the tripod from the mirror reflection (rather then editing out both yourself and the tripod!).


So there you have it... 11 cool tips on how to shoot property faster and better! We hope these tips help you with your real estate marketing so that you can generate more interest and make more sales!

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