One big appeal about life as a real estate agent is that it allows you to be your own boss. This feeling of freedom and independence can be wonderful, but it can quickly become an agent’s undoing when approached with too much nonchalance.

It’s difficult to find a successful person in any field who does not stress the importance of goals. Real estate is no different. In real estate, your goals can and should be your guide. 

If you scour the web for articles about real estate goals, many of the leading sites will tell you the same thing.  Your goals should involve an increase in the following:

  • Median house price
  • Number of transactions per year
  • Sales volume and GCI (Gross Commission Income)
  • Net revenue
  • Annual profit
  • Distribution of client type (ie. to have a greater mix of retirees, first-time buyers, investment buyers, and sellers)

These are all very true. But it is doubtful that you have become a real estate agent without realizing that these are the areas where your goals should lie. 

Less important than what your goals should be, is the knowledge of how to attain them. 

Two Ways To Approach Your Goals

There are generally two schools of thought surrounding goal-setting. 

Approach One could be described as the ‘shoot for the stars to reach the moon’ methodology. 

This approach is founded upon the belief that to go farther than you ever thought possible, you must set goals that are 10 times what you thought possible, and think and act accordingly.

Approach Two is more like the ‘climb your ladder one rung at a time’ method. 

The logic here is that if the goals you set are so gigantic they are impossible to fill you will only become frustrated when you fail to reach them. It is better to set small goals that you can easily achieve and let the momentum grow naturally. 

We say ‘why pick a side?'  Both work. Both work together. And both can be especially effective in the business of real estate. 

The Goals To Set And How To Get Them

The secret to combining both approaches lies in another combination - that of technology and marketing. 

If you follow the plan we are about to reveal over the next year of your real estate career, you are bound to see what we mean. It’ll probably take a lot less than a year, actually. 

It is much easier to obtain specific, concrete goals than general rose-colored notions of success. 

This four-point plan lays out objective goals in crucial areas of virtual property marketing. It can be treated like a checklist of easily obtainable objectives that will add up to exponential success if you take the time to achieve them with every property you list. 

Give it a try. Achieve these goals with each one of your listings over the next year and you’ll have built yourself a ladder to the stars.

1) Prepare Yourself For Excellence


Brad Filliponi’s checklist is a real estate game-saver
Our co-founder Brad Filliponi (photographed here in an article by Brisbane’s Courier-Mail newspaper) is an ace real estate photographer who has published a free Pre-Photography checklist that agents and photographers across the world swear by when they shoot their listings.

For those who think “being prepared” is far too general of a goal, check out (and please by all means download) our Pre-Photography checklist

If you are looking for an objective and specific way to achieve the goal of ‘being prepared’ this checklist will be a dream come true. 

It remains our most-downloaded document. It has helped many real estate photographers and real estate agents turn their photoshoots into efficient and exceptional moments of marketing prowess. 

2) Be A Faster Property Marketer

Aside from the quality of our work, one of the things that Canadian super agent Jesse Peters loves about our services is our turnaround time. 

Jesse might be the epitome of a real estate agent who has learned to move faster. 


Jesse Peters and his smartphone
Just like Jesse James: Canadian agent Jesse Peters has become the fastest gun in town by using his smartphone to shoot all his real estate photography.

His magic formula is that he shoots all his own listings photos on his smartphone and leaves the editing up to us. 

Our 24-hour turnaround time on all our Image Enhancement services and our 48-hour return time for Virtual Staging means that any agent can offer this to their clients, too. 

Just like Jesse James, Jesse Peters has become the quickest draw in town. He can shoot, return and upload his professional quality images before most of his competitors have even booked a photographer. 

3) Tick The Top Five Marketing Techniques makes great 3D floor plans
Did you know that an overwhelming majority of property buyers want to see a Floor Plan in the real estate listings they look at? It’s true. Did you know that an overwhelming majority of real estate listings in the United States DO NOT include a Floor Plan? This is also true.

Every year NAR conducts a buyers and sellers survey to find out exactly what people looking for property want to see in a listing.  Each year the results are very specific. 

Property buyers want to see these five features in a listing when they are searching the web for property:

  1. They want to see incredible images.
  2. They want informative copy.
  3. They want to see a Floor Plan.
  4. They want to see a 360° Virtual Tour.
  5. They would appreciate some video of the agent, so they can get a sense of who is trying to sell them the property. 

Over the next year, no matter how certain you are of a quick sale, make sure your listing contains incredible images, informative copy, a Floor Plan a 360°

Virtual Tour, and some video to showcase the finer points of the property. 

4) Monitor Your Progress

One of the best ways to fuel your success is to see it in action. Most MLS sites enable you to monitor the views your listings pages receive. 

Consider trying what we like to call The Nitschke Method:

In a video interview, Charles Nitschke explains how he monitors the impact of his marketing by eyeballing the eyeballs. 

In this interview, Nitschke presents three screenshots (shown below) of mid-construction Zillow listings. 

All three properties are in Spokane, WA. All have comparable price points. 

The first listing uses a black-and-white 2D elevation, to market the property. 

The second listing uses photographs of a home in mid-construction. 

The third is a listing of Nitschke’s. To market this mid-construction dwelling, Nitschke used our 3D Renders. 

To assess the impact of his marketing Nitschke compares the Overview section of the Zillow page, which shows how long the listing has been on Zillow, how many looks it has received, and how many property hunters have saved it in their search. 

In this case, the results weren’t even close.

Listing #1: A 2D Architectural Elevation


It pays to monitor your listing on Zillow
LISTING #1: You can see in the Overview section that this listing has been posted on Zillow for 73 days. It’s had 312 views and four potential buyers have saved the listing to their search.

Listing #2: Some Pics Of The Home In Mid-construction.


it pays to monitor your listing on Zillow
LISTING #2: You can see in the Overview section that this listing has been posted on Zillow for 14 days. It’s had 604 views and eight potential buyers have saved the listing to their search.

Listing #3: A 3D External And 3D Internal Render


It pays to monitor your listing on Zillow
LISTING #3: Behold the advantage! This listing has been posted on Zillow for 27 days. It’s had 5,172 views and 265 potential buyers have saved the listing to their search. Consider these numbers against the stats from the slides above.

When you “eyeball the eyeballs” that each of your listings receives, you will be propelled by the positive reinforcement that arrives when you discover that your marketing works. 

Furthermore, you’ll immediately understand the sorts of property marketing that does not work and discard them from your repertoire. 





Drone photography services can achieve sensational real estate photos, but poorly presented drone footage (far too common in this industry) can bore, uninspire, even repel a potential buyer. Clients who know what they are looking for, want to know what they are looking at. Simple on-screen graphics that orient clients to important details, like, for example, property boundaries, can do wonders for aerial photographs. Here, we will prove this to you via the Before and After method.


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