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2 April 2019


Introduction to Top 10 Real Estate Photography Tips

Want your listing to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible? Our founder Brad Fillponi is going to share his expert tips and tricks to nail those all-important shots. By following these simple steps you can ensure you are showcasing everything the property has to offer. 

1. Turn Off Fans

You want to show clients exactly what is being included in the sale. So unless desired in the shot, in motion fans both internal and external should all be switched off when taking photos.

2. Hide Neighbors With Blinds

This is your secret weapon for creating privacy and hiding the view of neighbors. By pulling the blinds down far enough to cover the adjacent property, you are still displaying the external view without showcasing the home next door.

3. Don't Include The Gutter

You don't want an ugly gutter to ruin the hero shot of your property. You can avoid this by taking a closer step to the property, therefore cutting off that unwanted item in your image and keeping the focal point on your listing.

4. Open Curtains If There Is A View

If you have curtains that are blocking a view, remove the blinds to open up the room, bring more light in and really highlight the view. This can also be a major selling point

5. Open Doors To Create Space

By opening the front door, you are bringing the outside in and creating space in the home. This also creates a warm and welcoming feeling for your potential buyers. 

6. Don't Shoot With Too Much Ceiling Or Roof

Potential buyers aren't going to want to look at images that are majority ceilings. Create a happy medium without exposing too much ceiling by capturing the image at eye level, will give buyers a realistic expectation of what they will witness when stepping foot into the property.


7. Try To Include Tree Foliage

Images look a lot more appealing by including surrounding foliage in the external shots. You also want to make sure those blinds are pulled up on those external shots. For internal you might be able to add some funky furniture in the foreground to make the room more appealing. 

8. Don't Shoot The Pantry

This one might be obvious to some and not to others. They are very rarely used as a selling point unless the owner specifically asks for the pantry to be shot or you have an interstate buyer. Don't waste that shot unless you are told too.

9. The Hand Trick

Sometimes when shooting in direct sunlight a lens flare can appear in your images. To avoid this put your hand over the sun when you take the shot. Be careful not to cover over any foliage or part of the property with your hand or it will cost you more in post-production to edit and replace what your hand is covering of the property.

10. Shooting In The Rain

Don't worry about shooting in the rain, you can still make your images look professional even if you capture some of your umbrella in your external images. Just make sure not to cover any foliage or part of the house with your umbrella. By following this simple step you will get the perfect image every single time. umbrella


So there you have it, Brad's expert yet very simple top 10 tips when it comes to photographing a property. Using these tips, you can create professional images that will showcase your potential buyers the very best of what the property has to offer. 

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