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27 July 2021



Your ability to win listings is every bit as valuable as your ability to close a real estate deal. 

If you can show a seller that you’re informed as to recent market activity and can make their property pop as part of a superb marketing plan, you’ll be in a great position to win any listing.


The CMA (or Comparative Market Analysis) has long been a staple of the listings presentation. Every agent who’s competing to win the listing you seek will present one to the seller. Without one, your listings presentation might appear lacking. 

As a general rule, your CMA should feature recent sales data for three to five properties that are similar in location, size, number of bedrooms, to the listing you are courting. 

An exceptional CMA does not just offer statistics, it interprets them in a way that highlights (rather than diminishes) the value of the listing you seek.  

Some real estate agents use the CMA to convince a seller not to ask for or expect too much. However, if you want to win the listing, show the seller that you see the value in their property. Everyone wants an agent who thinks their home is special.


This year’s National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) survey indicates that finding an agent who can price their home competitively through a CMA is only the third most important requirement of sellers (17%).  

In second place at 27%, is that the agent sells the home within a specific timeframe. 

The ability to find a buyer at 28% is, not surprisingly, the seller’s chief concern. 

These top two priorities make one thing very clear: your marketing strategy is the most crucial element of your listings presentation.


Before you address the important subject of what you’ll do IF you win the listing, take the seller’s breath away by showing them what you’ve ALREADY done with their home. Then include that image in your listings presentation. 

Our Day-to-Dusk photo editing package, and our Item Removal service are perfect for this beautiful listings presentation hack, which can accomplish so much more than even the best laid out CMA.


It’s hard to decide what’s more beautiful about our Day-to-Dusk photo editing package - the image we produce, its price, or its marketing power.

All you have to do is take a photo of their home from the outside and send it to us.  

For US$4 we’ll run it through 18 steps of total transformation. 

Some of these steps include: adding the stunning hues of sunset to a photograph taken at noon, turning on lights, placing fire in fireplaces, putting images on tv, screens, repairing or replacing a lawn. 

The end result will most likely be the most beautiful photograph of the seller’s home that they have ever seen. 

Immediately the seller will see that you:

  1. are already giving special attention to their listing
  2. are a creative and proactive realtor
  3. know how to make their property look great in photos

The smartest agents in the world regularly use this service. But waiting until you have the listing before using this incredible service is a waste of its potential.


Our Item Removal service is another inexpensive way to show a seller that you are the best person to market their home.

Rubbish bins, hoses on the lawn, rusting vehicles in the driveway, bikes or children's toys - these don’t just clutter up a space, they work as obstacles to a buyer's vision. 

When you grab a photo of their property, if you see something that detracts from the appeal of a property, send us a photo of it and we will make that item disappear. This sort of magic has a tendency to amaze a seller when they find it in a listings presentation.


If it is at all possible to track down a copy of the property’s floor plan before you approach the seller, do so and use our floor plan redraw service to turn it into 2D or 3D textured and full color version of its former self. Struggling to dig up the floor plan? Draw a rough outline and we can produce a listing winning floor plan that will blow the competition away.


If you can’t do so beforehand, it’s vital to explain the marketing power of this overlooked selling device.

  • buyers consider floor plans the third most important piece of information when shopping for property. 
  • a floor plan will increase visitor click through by 52%
  • one in five buyers will ignore a listing that doesn’t include a floor plan
  • 42% of sellers will not hire an agent who doesn’t offer a floor plan

If you provide a thorough CMA, a breathtaking image of the seller’s home and explain to them the importance of a full colour floor plan that jumps off the page, the seller will definitely be interested in considering you as their agent.   

Now, it’s time to bring out the big guns.


In the listing presentation stage you will obviously not be able to show the seller a virtual tour of their home. But you can tell them how important the 360° Virtual Tour has become to buyers.

Covid-19 has permanently changed the habits of property shoppers. At the beginning of 2021, Forbes announced that buyers now prefer to tour a home virtually before visiting it in person. 

Secondly, thanks to virtual tours people have become more comfortable buying properties sight unseen. 

These two dramatic facts have made the 3D Virtual tour imperative in any marketing plan, which can also be easily shared on social media. 

The 360 Virtual Tour will expand your network of potential buyers, allowing anyone, anywhere to tour a home whenever they want.

Include one of our mesmerizing sample virtual tours in your listing presentation, so the seller can see for themself how your marketing plan sets you apart from other agents. 

If you’ve never put together a virtual tour, there is no need to feel uneasy about including one in your listings presentation. Click here for a full tutorial on the virtual tour and learn how easy they are to pull off.


If the listing you are seeking is going to be empty as it hits the market, there is no wiser way to snag a buyer than by virtual staging.

  • 83% of staged properties sell for the asking price or above.
  • Homes that are staged sell 75% faster than those that are not.
  • 82% of agents believe that staging helps a buyer visualize a space as a future home
  • Buyers make a judgement on a property within the first 7-10 seconds of viewing it. A virtually staged room can do a lot more inside that tiny time frame, than an empty one

You may not have access to the property yet, but you may have old listing photos online. Presenting these Virtually Staged to your potential client will immediately turn them into an actual client (as soon as they’ve picked themselves off the floor). 

Our Virtual Staging LookBook should be made available to every seller you are seeking to woo. This beautiful and eye-opening document outlines the most popular decor styles that can be used to virtually enhance the appeal of a room.

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