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May 2024
Question: How can I stabilize my shots when using SnapSnapSnap without a tripod?

Brad: Awesome question, because minimizing movement when shooting with SnapSnapSnap is crucial. The automatic HDR bracketing feature means that capturing a shot will take about 3 seconds, requiring you to remain still during that time.

Here's my step-by-step guide to help you reduce camera shake when shooting without a tripod using SnapSnapSnap on your phone:

1. Stand with Your Feet Shoulder-Width Apart: Position your feet so they are about shoulder-width apart. This creates a stable base for you to work from.

2. Hold the Phone with Both Hands: Use both hands to hold your phone.

3. Tuck Your Elbows In: Keep your elbows close to your sides. This helps to stabilize your upper body and reduces the chances of your arms shaking.

4. Position the Phone at Eye Level: Lift your phone to eye level. This perspective matches how buyers will view the property.

5. Keep Your Body Still and Focus on Your Breathing: Try to keep your body as still as possible to prevent blur in your photos. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and hold your breath as you press the shutter button. This can help reduce movement caused by breathing.

6. Press the Shutter Button Gently: Use a gentle, steady tap when you press the shutter button. Avoid jabbing or pressing too hard, as this can cause the phone to shake.


April 2024
Question: My flash always gives the room a yellow cast. Why is this? When taking pictures of a white and grey room, a yellow cast is not desired. If I take the picture without the flash, it is more true to color but too dark.

Brad: The yellow cast is likely due to the color temperature of your flash, which can be warmer than natural light. This warmth can make white and grey rooms appear yellow in photos. Using a flash with a cooler color temperature or adjusting the white balance settings can help correct this issue. My advice would be to shoot the property without a flash, ensuring all lights are turned on and natural light is coming through windows and doors. Then, submit the photos for an Image Enhancement edit, and our editors will correct the white balance along with 16 other elements. It will cost just US$1.60 per image and will deliver crisp, professional-quality photos ready for marketing! If you would like to learn more about the limitations of the lens, you can dive into it in one of our recent blog posts. Read more


March 2024
Question: What’s your current recommendation for 360° cameras?

Brad: Great question! I recently reviewed three 360° cameras, and you can find my detailed recommendations in our latest blog post. I have highlighted the top picks based on their ease of use, image quality, and value for money. Check out the blog for all the details and find out which camera is right for you! Watch Now


February 2024
Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 15 for real estate photography?

Brad: I've been getting this question a lot lately, which is why my latest video compares the iPhone 11 and 15 for real estate photography. In my opinion, the choice involves balancing personal preference, budget, and specific needs. What's certain is that both iPhones have the potential to enhance your property listings, making them stand out in a competitive market. Want to learn more? Check out my latest video for an in-depth comparison. Watch Now


January 2024
At what height should I capture photos when photographing real estate?

Brad: It's generally recommended to capture images at eye level to provide a natural and inviting perspective. This allows potential buyers to visualize the property from a realistic viewpoint, enhancing the overall appeal of the space. Adjustments can be made based on specific scenarios and the features you want to highlight, but starting at eye level serves as a good baseline.


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