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25 April 2022


Case Study

Name: Daniel Chapman
Role: Director
Organisation: Stroud Homes

“While this was the first time we used BoxBrownie.com, it certainly won't be the last.”

BoxBrownie.com Services Used:

360° 3D Render Tour

Stroud Homes is a builder on Australia’s Sunshine Coast (just north of Brisbane, Queensland). They recently found themselves in a conundrum at the design stage of two two-story duplexes they were preparing to break ground on.

They wanted to include a stunning sliding barn door, but the architectural drawings made it unclear if the door would impede upon the stairwell when it slid open. They turned to our 360° CGI Render Tour capabilities to get a clearer picture, and it ended up saving them in the ballpark of $10,000.


BoxBrowie.com clay draft for Stroud Homes
This still image from the Clay Draft we did for Stroud Homes’ CGI Render shows the barn door they were hoping to build. Our Clay Draft revealed that the barn door would impede the staircase. Identifying this design flaw in the pre-building stages ended up saving Stroud Homes thousands of dollars.

In this case, our render technology helped architectural diagrams leap off the page and reveal a design flaw.  

Every client that uses our technology for a 360° CGI Render Tour first receives a Clay Draft of the project. 

The Clay Draft is their first glimpse at the bare bones of a CGI Render, which are becoming increasingly essential when marketing unbuilt property.  We send it out as soon as our CGI artists have completed the basic foundations of the Render Tour.

It's a good way to keep the lines of communication open, to allow builders to give potential buyers an early glimpse of a project and, in this case, it also proved to be a great way to troubleshoot.

Here’s what Daniel had to say when we asked him about it. 

What made you reach out to BoxBrownie.com?

We had a stunning sliding internal barn door planned at the front part of the home, but it had the potential to impede the stairwell.

On the architect’s plan, we thought we could get away with it and we knew it was going to be pretty close, but we wanted to be sure.

What were the challenges facing you?

The main challenge was that we wanted to be certain before we started building. There is little room for error, and when there potentially is one, it may prove costly, not only for the back pocket but a waste of time and resources.


BoxBrowie.com clay draft for Stroud Homes
This is a still image from the final version of the CGI Render Tour we made for Stroud Homes. Here you can see that the barn door that would have impeded the staircase has been scrapped. But the result is still stunning, and because of our Render process, the builders didn’t have to waste $10 000 getting to this final stage.

How did BoxBrownie.com help you overcome these?

We reached out to BoxBrownie.com and they produced a 3D Render Tour which made it very clear that the internal barn door would be in the way of the stairwell. 

This revelation proved to be a catalyst in Stroud Homes redesigning the whole area, removing walls and making the space more of an open plan design. The result was spectacular, and the owners were thrilled.

To rectify the issue before the build is well underway is the method to work smarter so it is fundamental that we use the innovative technology around us, and with that small investment, we certainly save in the long run.

By identifying space issues using the BoxBrownie.com CGI Render Tour, we were able to fine-tune the design and create a space that was even better than the original plan.

While this was the first time we used BoxBrownie.com, it certainly won’t be the last.

This discovery saved us approximately $5000 per duplex. So $10000 total. 

View the CGI Render Tour BoxBrownie.com put together to help complete the final product.

Also CLICK HERE to check out the Clay Draft that in this case saved the day! 

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